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Mayor Yang Yiwen and his group visited our company

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In the morning of 9th, August, Yang Yiwen, mayor of Loudi city, visited our company together with his group. He said that government should help the enterprise solve their problems with a development insight. Government should do what they can to help the enterprises’ grow up, especially the potential ones. Government and the enterprises should join together to develop the catachrestic industry in Loudi city. 

Hunan Tianyi High-Tech Materials Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. Now we have a wholly owned subsidiary company, having 4 authorized national invention patents, 21 utility model patents. Our company technical centre now are cooperating with South University, Tsinghua University and other research institutes in 3 items.
From 2013 to 2015, we successfully upgraded our equipments and our products are step into a new level. In June this year, our founder Mr. zhao established a wholly owned subsidiary named Guangdong Yongge cemented carbide tools Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Mr. Zhao Yong introducing the carbide rods for the mayor Yang Yiwen

Mr.Zhao Yong was so grateful for  the close attention from the government. He said that our company will expand the carbide tool market as well as the carbide rod market all over the world. With the help form government, we will develop into a tungsten carbide industrial park in Loudi city.
Mayor Yang Yiwen said thatoue company also need to cooperate more with other companies to properly solve the financial problems as well as other problems. The government will do what they can to support the growth of Tian Yi High-Tech. Also Tian Yi High-Tech should focus on the advantages of person and products to develop the company.

Mayor Yang giving suggestions about company development to Mr. Zhao

Mayor Yang Yiwen highly praised Mr. Zhao of his dream to build a tungsten carbide industrial park in Loudi. “With the technical people and the qualified products, combined the advanced management system, this dream will come true soon” mayor Yang said.