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 No-steam water cooling equipment

CAD design draft:

Clients Installation Pictures:

The traditional water cooling equipment
In the rolling production process, due to the use of water cooling process, large amounts of steam was produced. But the traditional water cooling equipment did not take the demisting process into consideration. Therefore, in the production process, the finishing mill and the water-cooled cooling area, the steam diffuse, especially in the winter and spring even more serious impact on the drivers and operators of the line of sight, bring greater security risks and causing serious corrosion about the other rolling equipment.
Traditional water cooling devices have low cooling efficiency and uneven cooling. The head and tail of steel are often unstable due to high cooling intensity. The head and tail have a serious bluing phenomenon and need to be cut off and scrap. Each year, the steel plant cause huge waste.

Introduction about the new no-steam water cooling equipment
Most of the steam was produced at the inlet and outlet of the cooler. The defogging process is set as follows: collecting box - wire mesh demister - induced draft fan - Steam piping. Therefore, the design combined  of inclined water direct injection, symmetrical turbulence tubular water penetrator, collection box, demister and induced draft exhaust equipment.
The total system consists of water-cooling cooler (annular nozzle type), drying pipe, traversing trolley, exhaust pipe, fan, exhaust pipe, gas pipe, water valve and water supply pipe.

Advantages of the no-steam water cooling equipment
1.Due to the use of a unique liner design, the new cooling equipment has high cooling efficiency. When under the same cooling conditions (water pressure, effective wear water cooling length, water temperature and other conditions the same), compared with the old cooling equipment, the cooling efficiency increased by 10 to 20%. Cooling temperature can be reduced 100 ℃, the final products can stay below 500 ℃.
2.Good cooling uniformity. The final products avoid the non-uniform temperature. solved the instability performance of the final products. By keep the final products straight, make the production progress more safe and successfully.
3.Good defogging effect. With the unique structural design, collect the steam and make it become water, then  drain away it. By the way, it can collect more than 80% steam and drain away. This greatly improved the safety during the production. Also reduced the corrosion of the steel and other equipment.
4. Easy installation and disassembly. Due to the use of split design, we can install it by single installation, card slot fixed. Also, we can deal with the fault quickly and easily.
5.Good sealing performance. It can reduce the water spray phenomenon. Make the production line more safe and effective. Also reduce the corrosion of the steel and other equipment.

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